About Us

The Lillooet Rowing Club is a not-for-profit organization based on Seton Lake in the beautiful hidden gem of Lillooet, BC. The overarching objective of the Lillooet Rowing Club is to encourage and develop the sport of rowing in Lillooet, while promoting good team ethics and a healthy, active lifestyle in a fun environment. We aim to offer a range of recreational and competitive programs to rowers of varying ages and abilities.

Aim’s and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are to:

  1. To introduce and promote the sport of rowing in the Lillooet community and surrounding area,
  2. To contribute to the benefits of a lifelong, healthy active lifestyle through participation in the sport of rowing,
  3. Grow and uphold a strong sense of comradery, teamwork, and leadership in the Lillooet Rowing Club and Lillooet communities, and,
  4. The development of a successful competitive rowing program built on the foundation of good sportsmanship and the pursuit of personal excellence.

Long Term Vision

By spring of 2018 – Initiate a competitive high school rowing team in Lillooet.

By summer of 2018 – Hire a full time summer student to assist with the development of training plans, youth training camps, and community programming as well as grant writing.

By summer of 2018 – Host our first local fun regatta and invite supporting clubs.

By fall of 2018 – A dock will be constructed at the existing launch area.

By October of 2018 – Members of the Lillooet Rowing Team will compete in our first out-of-town regatta.

By Spring of 2019 – Have a proposal in place to build a boathouse and begin grant applications.


Coach’s Philosophy

safety first then provide an amazing individual and team sport that is both fun and competitive